The Great River Park, St. Paul, MN

The Great River Park Master Plan will describe a vision that when implemented will transform Saint Paul in profound ways.  Developed with hundreds of hours of citizen input, the Great River Park vision is based on three principles: to be more natural, more urban and more connected, as outlined in the 2007 Great river Park chapter of the Saint Paul on the Mississippi Development Framework. These guiding principles will set the stage for expansion and implementation of the Great River Park vision.

Through direct engagement, Cultural Audit is used to frame the project’s guiding principles by understanding how community members feel about their city.  –What makes your St. Paul community special – What are the issues and concerns you have for your community – What are the aspirations of the St. Paul community

Media is created from Cultural Audit community outreach and direct engagements. The media is broadcast at public meetings and used on the clients website.

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