Jordan Downs, Los Angeles


Cultural Audit is deployed to Jordan Downs, located in the neighborhood of  Watts, Los Angeles  , to create a community generated media essay in collaboration with the residents.  This essay is then presented to the Housing Authority, County Los Angeles concerning their plans for an affordable housing master plan.

The citizens of Jordan Downs and the larger community of Watts describe what participatory human based design means to their community and themselves.

Thank you Watts Community for your generosity and openness. The experience is personally profound and educational.  Watch video here.

“To me sustainability means a roof over my head, being able to feed my children, clothe my children and watch my community grow.”

“This community means my life to me, I learned everything here – how to live, maintain, save, organize.”

“After the rebellion of 92, corporations came here to help, but they helped by taking the training to their communities, and once the people finished the training, they couldn’t get to the job.”

“You can’t use community as if it’s a client, or a recipient. You have to use community as a resource, because without community, where are you getting your resources from?”

“The people of Watts want the same thing that everybody in the rest of the country wants: a future for themselves and their children.”

– Resident, Jordan Downs, Watts, Los Angeles

“Nobody goes that route (to interview seniors where they live and elementary school children with their parents at school). They all have good ideas that nobody hears.  What you do – nobody has ever done that with this community.”

– Resident, Jordan Downs, Watts, Los Angeles






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