Hubbard Homestead Park, Seattle, WA

Northgate Park_Page_2New Green Heart – Mithun designed this new 3.7-acre park for the Northgate community, revitalizing an expanse of parking lot into much-needed green open space that functions as a neighborhood “front porch.” Its proximity to Northgate Mall will create an important new connection for the multi-generational neighborhood. Designed to be a “park for all,” Hubbard Homestead Park will include active spaces such as a play grove and skateboard area, as well as vital social connections for the many senior citizens residing close by. Project visioning incorporated extensive community outreach, including a Cultural Audit that revealed local perspectives.

Northgate Park_Page_1

The Homestead Hubbard Park design team used Cultural Audit to conduct a number of interactions that were documented through still images and voice recordings.  These included scheduled interviews at adjacent senior residential communities, local businesses and schools.  Intercept interviews in the Northgate Mall area, Target, Northgate Community Center, bus stops, businesses, adjacent apartment complexes and the surrounding neighborhood.
At one classroom workshop, fourth and seventh graders discussed and diagrammed how a green, public gathering space might look, feel and serve their needs.


Cultural Audit solicits input from individuals in the local community that are likely to visit the park but are either unaware of or unable to attend community meetings and other traditional input venues.


Together with community meetings, input from the Project Advisory Team (PAT), Seattle Parks and Recreation, and additional City of Seattle Departments, the Cultural Audit collects diverse community input from a broad constituency and helps to form a more inclusive picture of the community.

The Cultural Audit analysis is synthesized into data that helps the design team define the parameters of their design problem in order to find the appropriate design solution.



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