The Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans, LA

The devastation of Hurricane Katrina could not have been greater than in the Lower Ninth Ward neighborhoods. Located in the easternmost downriver portion of New Orleans, these communities of more than 14,000 residents were ravaged by floodwater from broken levees and overflowing canals. Houses were severed from their foundations, while even the highest point was covered with nearly three feet of water contaminated by a spill at the Murphy Oil refinery in Meraux.

While on assignment for Mithun in partnership with Global Green USA, I toured the hardest hit areas of New Orleans. Employing a camera, audio recorder, microphone, notepad and computer for community research and outreach, my focus was to capture Holy Cross residents in their rebuilding process and give recognition to their need.

This booklet: Soul of a Community [Booklet] further explains the assignment.

The short video, created in 3 days for the New Orleans Compact hosted by Global Green, provided some evidence of Hurricane Katrina’s lasting physical destruction, two years after the storm, and documented the spirit of the residents of the Lower Ninth Ward in the face of natural disasters and man made obstacles.



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